You want to end your marriage while preserving your assets and your relationship with your children, and you want to do so quickly and cost-effectively.

Is this even possible?

It is if you choose the right lawyer who is knowledgeable regarding the law and the available approaches, and has the experience to know how to use those options creatively.

Creative Solutions To Divorce

Trial can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. In many cases, a trial is not necessary to resolve your divorce. Even in challenging and complex cases, there may be other options, as long as your divorce attorney is willing to be creative. At Watson & Watson, P.C., we offer both individual representation as well as mediation.

Since 1979, Douglas Watson has represented thousands of people in Topsfield, Newburyport and throughout eastern Massachusetts in family law cases. Many of our clients have successfully resolved their divorces through negotiated settlement, rather than trial.

Patricia Watson has been an attorney since 1979 and has been a divorce mediator for over 25 years. She is certified by the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation. Mediation allows clients to resolve their divorces amicably, quickly and economically, which is often an attractive alternative for many couples, especially those with children.

Of course settlement or mediation is not always possible. If a negotiated settlement or mediation does not make sense or reaches an impasse, our experienced trial attorneys will protect your interests at trial.

Comprehensive Divorce Representation

Our lawyers handle all aspects of divorce cases, from division of property to alimony to child custody and support, as well as modifications of existing divorce orders. We will work with you to choose the option that will achieve the best result for you.

Free Initial Consultation About Divorce

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