At Watson & Watson, P.C., we can assist with modifications to child custody, child support and alimony arrangements. Our attorneys bring 35 years of experience to handling these cases for people in Topsfield, Newburyport and Essex County.

Need To Change Child Custody Arrangements?

Under Massachusetts family law, child custody schedules can be changed, but only if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. For example, if you have gotten a new job and it requires you to work a dramatically different schedule, you may be able to request a modification of your child custody arrangements.

Relocation is a common reason to request a change to child custody plans. If you or the child’s other parent is planning on moving away, it is important that you have a skilled lawyer on your side to make certain that your relationship with your child is protected. Our lawyers can assist with relocation and all other child custody modification requests.

Need To Change Child Support Payments?

Child support payment amounts are not set in stone. They are based on the factors present at the time payments are established. If factors change substantially, a modification may be necessary. Frequently, modifications of child support are requested if one of the parents has encountered a major change in income level. Perhaps one parent lost his or her job and has taken a new job that pays much less. Perhaps one parent was promoted and now is getting a much higher salary.

Sometimes, changes to child support amounts are needed because the child’s needs have changed. Maybe money is needed for college or to cover unexpected medical costs. Whatever the case may be, our attorneys can help.

Need To Change Alimony Payments?

Under the Alimony Reform Act, many people have questions about changing their alimony payments to correspond with the new rules. People with existing alimony orders may be entitled to a change in the amount of alimony or, in some cases, payers may be entitled to a termination of alimony. We will carefully review your case to determine if it meets the criteria to request a change. If it does, we will guide you through the process to make certain your alimony payments are fair under today’s law.

Free Initial Consultation About Modifications

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