Elder Mediation

Mediating Elder Housing and Care Issues

As our population ages, elders and their families face difficult decisions regarding such important issues such as the appropriate living arrangements, caregiving issues, as well as end-of-life decisions. There may be also issues regarding the decisions regarding the disposition of the family home. A trained mediator can facilitate these difficult conversations to help families to reach a decision that is in the best interest of the elder and the family.

Mediating Estate Disputes

Occasionally, disputes may also arise after the family member dies regarding distribution of family assets, even where the deceased left a will.

Determining the Wishes and Goals of the Elder

In some cases, the elder may not be in a position to advocate for him or herself, if there is a question regarding competency. Or occasionally difficult conversations around end-of-life decisions between an elder and his or her family may benefit from the guidance of a skilled facilitator.

In mediating elder and family issues, Pat Watson brings her educational background in social work, her experience as an attorney, as well as twenty years of experience as a divorce mediator together to help families adjust to the changing needs and demands of their loved one, and to resolve inheritance issues. Her mediator training helps the parties to identify goals, encouraging all parties to listen and actively participate, so that the parties can reach common ground. In doing so, Pat considers maintaining the rights, dignity and respect of the elder to be one of her guiding principles.

Free Initial Estate Consultation

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